Compliance Management:

DRS fully manages:

  • EU Drivers' Hours and Working Time Directive in real-time

  • Conduct regulations

  • Agency Workers Regulations

  • Licence criteria

  • GDPR compliance


Client Management:

  • DRS reports on KPI's such as shift fulfilment, accidents and incidents, infringement rates, candidate performance and cost analysis

  • Set client specific licencing and insurance criteria

  • The online portal allows clients to add and amend their own bookings, verify shifts ahead of invoicing, plus review their invoices and KPI data

  • Streamline working with clients and make plan changes quickly and effectively


Booking Management:

  • View bookings by client, status, region or bespoke filters

  • Receive real-time booking confirmations

  • Use controlled candidate searches based on legality, compliance and performance

  • Multiple and bespoke planning views for personal preference


Candidate Management:

  • Candidates fill out an online registration form that automatically generates a profile, including all HR and compliance information

  • Keep electronic copies of contracts, work schedules and performance reviews all in one place

  • Manage infringements and performance effectively

  • Select the candidates preferred place of work and shift patterns

  • Communicate via SMS, email and phone using the DRS interface

  • Provide real-time visibility of candidate availability, compliance and booking


Finance Management:

  • DRS automatically populates payroll and invoicing software, including Sage and Xero

  • Generates client invoices at the click of a button

  • Manage profitability and generate real-time cost reports


Time and Attendance Software

Smartboxes can be installed at your clients' premises with an internet connection. Candidates will clock in and out of each shift using their tachograph card. This will send their start time, finish time, break, POA and drive time to the software for accurate compliance and payroll data.

Message candidates via the smartbox and they will be notified as they clock in or out of shift.

DRS is hosted on a secure encrypted cloud-based server and can be accessed anywhere with a WIFI connection.



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