Is a candidate app right for your agency?

Apps have become a way of life for most of us, from banking to maps, and now recruitment, so if you’re wondering whether you should invest in a candidate app for your recruitment agency, we’ve put together these questions for you to ask yourself.

How many hours does your team spend per week chasing hours? Getting hold of drivers on the phone can be a nightmare, or they call in and your phone lines are busy, or they’ve texted in and someone forgets to enter into the database.

The candidate app saves time. Candidates simply enter their hours and this populates the system, promptly allowing your team to allocate the next shift.

Have you got a lengthy registration process? Do you still use paper registration? Do your team spend time with data entry after registration? Have you lost candidates due to forgetting to send out the registration form?

The candidate app speeds up your recruitment process, allowing multiple candidates to register at once using the Logistics UK approved questions. Once submitted, this populates the system  and are ready to start. (After your right to work checks, of course).

Do your candidates sometimes forget their shift booking after multiple changes? Within the app candidates can see a replica of their calendar, and their shift notifications all in one place, so there’s no chance of them forgetting which shift they agreed to. It’s all available on their phone.

Do you want to grow your agency? Having a branded candidate app can give the illusion of a larger operation. Potential clients will be impressed by your app, and how you have multiple channels of communication with candidates.

DRS can be integrated with your own candidate app, so if you’re considering investing in your agency, speak to us about how it all works.