DRS business continity in laptop

Make software your business continuity plan

31st May 2021

Business continuity is at the forefront of our plans given the past year we’ve all experienced, and we believe software is key to ensuring your operation continues without risk. We’ve put together a few scenarios to show you how DRS can limit the impact of unforeseen circumstances within a recruitment agency. Phone lines are down: Clients…

The DRS Story

31st May 2021

If you’re wondering how Driver Recruitment Software came about, we’d love to share our story with you. Sadie Weston, Managing Director of Employ Recruitment UK Ltd, has spent the last five years working with developers to improve a recruitment software to make it the most compliant within the logistics recruitment industry.  In 2016, Sadie purchased…

Banner showing DRS app screens

Is a candidate app right for your agency?

31st May 2021

Apps have become a way of life for most of us, from banking to maps, and now recruitment, so if you’re wondering whether you should invest in a candidate app for your recruitment agency, we’ve put together these questions for you to ask yourself. How many hours does your team spend per week chasing hours?…

Five Reasons for Automation in 2021

31st May 2021

Technology is ever-evolving and sometimes it is hard to keep up, but what we do know is that software automation is key to an accurate and timely operation. In driving recruitment, there are so many things to do and remember; who called when, did Joe Bloggs accept that shift, and how many drivers did your…

Software Fundamentals

29th March 2021

We’ve come across lots of clients who have invested in a shiny piece of software for recruitment – it works brilliantly for industrial or mass volume, but it doesn’t work quite right for your driving agency. But hey you bought it because it looks slick, the software company sold you the dream and baffled you…