Software Fundamentals

We’ve come across lots of clients who have invested in a shiny piece of software for recruitment – it works brilliantly for industrial or mass volume, but it doesn’t work quite right for your driving agency. But hey you bought it because it looks slick, the software company sold you the dream and baffled you with tech jargon. We have all been there… us recruiters are like magpies for the next trend, and anything for the promise of a few more hours in the day.

But sometimes the fundamentals can be missed. Driving recruitment is a niche industry and therefore you need a niche solution. Driver Recruitment Software has all the features you need to automate your agency processes for future growth.

  • Interactive Candidate Management – Online candidate registration with Logistics UK competency questions, a candidate app, automated shifts and assignment schedules, hours submission (Start, finish, POA, break and other work)
  • Live Planning Tool – The system suggests the most suitable candidate based on legality and preferences. Record and automate availability, RDOs and weekly rests.
  • Driving Specific Compliance – 100% accurate to EU Drivers’ Hours, Working Time Directive and Conduct Regulations. Audit-able infringement & incident management.
  • Automated Payroll & Invoicing – Automate invoices, payroll and self-bill invoices, with second-tier integration. No manual adjustments, DRS can handle complex pay and charge matrixes.
  • Instant Management Reporting – Operations, HR, Compliance, and Finance views. Bespoke filters, time-related data and dynamic dashboards.

If you’re interested in a robust system created specifically for driving recruiters that manages your day-to-day for you, then book a demo today and we’ll show you exactly how you can improve your agency.