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Drivers Relief

The team at Drivers Relief share with us eight key reasons why they chose DRS as their software solution. From ensuring 100% compliance, to the benefits of accurate payroll. Read in full to find out more.


As a direct result of implementing the software in 2016, Employ were able to reduce head-count by 4 and save 30% of staffing costs. DRS automates many of the manual repetitive processes in driving recruitment, such as data entry for driver registration forms. The Employ team no longer have to manually collect the drivers' hours and it has even improved efficiency in invoicing and payroll.

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Phoenix Personnel are a logistics recruitment agency based in Northamptonshire with a team of five. The business prides itself on compliance and efficiency, which is why DRS is their chosen software. Having used the platform for four years to improve their booking processes, compliance and client management, the managing director couldn’t be happier with the results.

Find out how DRS can streamline your agency

Developed within a recruitment agency

Sadie Weston, managing director of DRS, developed the software within her recruitment agency, Employ Recruitment and is continuously investing more in development to improve the service to candidates and clients, and the work-life balance of staff.

After 4 years invested in streamlining and automating processes within the software, Sadie is now Managing Director of DRS, with an in-house development team that is continually taking on-board client requests for continual improvement.

Benefit from time and cost savings with DRS

Improvements as a direct result of the software include:

  • Profitability - up by 40%
  • Reduced overtime - From 25 hours per week to 0
  • Happiness of staff - increased by 60%*
  • Client satisfaction - increased by 33%*
  • Candidate recommendations - up by 17 NPS points*

*Statistics from comparison of 2018 to 2019 annual surveys