Eight reasons why Drivers Relief! chose DRS

Drivers Relief

Why did Drivers Relief! choose DRS?


The team at Drivers Relief! share with us the reasons they choose DRS as their software solution:
1. Unlike our previous dabbling in recruitment software, DRS is appropriate to our niche in the market.2. We wanted to ensure that our drivers were fully compliant with WTD and EU Drivers Hours.

3. We were looking for a system that ensured that we calculated holiday pay correctly in accordance with Agency Worker Regulations, and moreover, had a pricing structure that enabled us to confirm that we were using a financially viable business model.

4. As a growing business, it is also important to us that it's easy to see which drivers have worked for each customer, and which drivers are preferred by each customer.

5. As a family-run business, we have chosen a system which provides detailed information about our two vital components: drivers and customers. We have spent too much time in the past relying on the memory of individual office staff.

6. With training and practice, any member of the office should be able to run the business: we are trying to reach the point where our business no longer relies entirely upon key personnel.

7. Having used an 'evolutionary' approach to invoicing and payroll over 34 years, it is important to me that a replacement system has sufficient checks to ensure 100% accuracy so that drivers receive the correct pay and customers receive correct invoices. The DRS system seems to offers both and is straightforward enough for any member of staff to complete the booking-invoice-payroll process.

8. Finally, the enthusiasm and patience that we have experienced whilst trialling the system has given me the confidence to take a very significant step in a period of extreme economic uncertainty. The modest initial expenditure and acceptable usage-related costs have made purchasing DRS a viable proposition

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