Testimonial: Employ Recruitment

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Managing Director of Employ Recruitment, Sadie Weston knows with first hand experience the trials logistic recruitment agencies face. Implementing the software into the business in 2016, she immediately saw the time and cost saving benefits. As a direct result of the software they were able to reduce head-count by 4 and save 30% of staffing cost. DRS automates many of the manual repetitive tasks in driving recruitment, such as data entry at registration and collecting drivers’ hours, streamlining the whole operation from registration to invoicing and payroll. Working with the developer over three years, Sadie invested in the software to streamline and automate processes whilst ensuring 100% compliance. Fast-forward to 2019, Sadie is now Managing Director of DRS, with an in-house development team. The highly intuitive software has been built to fully manage compliance, bookings, candidates, clients and finance within a fast-paced recruitment agency.

Sadie Weston, Managing Director:

“Since using DRS our costs have decreased significantly and our compliance is automated. I can rest knowing that all drivers are legal, assignment schedules are sent automatically, invoicing and payroll is correct and restrictions are in place to prevent human error. For Employ, compliance is our core value so ensuring insurance criteria is met and licence checks cannot be overridden is a great bonus. The system controlling the day-to-day activity to such a degree allows me to focus on strategy and sales, and provide the best possible service to our clients and candidates.”

Employ’s Operations Director:

“The most significant benefit as an Operations Director is peace of mind that our drivers are always legal for the shifts they are booked for, and if something changes the software highlights this to our recruitment consultants and the driver on site. Adding shifts and allocating drivers 12 months in advance makes peak periods much easier, we know all the shifts are covered in advance and so do our clients via the web portal. The portal means our customers can see us filling their bookings in real-time, they can edit run details and also change shift times, and DRS will notify our consultants ensuring communication is always transparent. Ultimately, the margin for human error is significantly reduced.”

Employ’s Finance Director:

“The biggest benefit for the finance department is the integration between the drivers’ hours and conversion into reports for invoicing the clients and paying both PSC’s and PAYE drivers. This has saved a considerable amount of time”