If you’re wondering how Driver Recruitment Software came about, we’d love to share our story with you.

Sadie Weston, Managing Director of Employ Recruitment UK Ltd, has spent the last five years working with developers to improve a recruitment software to make it the most compliant within the logistics recruitment industry. 

In 2016, Sadie purchased the software to use internally within the company to automate and improve processes for bookings, client management, candidate management and automate compliance with 100% accuracy. Sadie explains, “It reduced my work from 60 hours a week to 16, it cut my staffing bill by a third and it gave me piece of mind that 100% of the shifts complied with EU Drivers hours. Not one to rest, I tested the system using several scenarios repeatedly and invested £60,000 into bespoke development. When the opportunity arose to become the owner of the software I didn’t hesitate. I have compared all CRM products on the market, and none are 100% compliant. I am now the proud owner of the most compliant driver recruitment software in the UK: Driver Recruitment Software.”

Compliance is the core value across both Sadie’s companies and it’s easy to see why. Sadie knows first-hand the consequences. In 2003, at the age of 19, Sadie recalls the day her life changed, “A driver that I’d placed onto a shift killed an off-duty police officer, who was taking part in a cycle race on the A50 in Derbyshire. I was on-call and will never forget receiving a call at 7:30am one Sunday morning back in October 2003 from the Derbyshire police. My heart sank! I was relatively new to the industry and had only been a recruitment consultant for two months at the time. Training back then was not what it is today, but I had an idea that drivers had to follow some rules regarding breaks. I didn’t understand the law back then (much the same as some consultants today), it turns out the driver wasn’t legal and on closer inspection nor were several drivers, who had driven in the weeks leading up to the fatality.”

Along with the director of the Company, Sadie was charged with manslaughter and with two years of police interviews and meetings with lawyers, it ended with a Sadie being offered a plea deal on her 21st birthday to be acquitted in return for a guilty plea from the director, who along with the driver served a prison sentence. Sadie recalls, “I believe I didn’t play a part in the death of the cyclist. I learnt the lessons that should have been taught by my employer in the hardest possible way. By the time the court case came to trial in November 2005 there was nothing I didn’t know about EU Drivers Hours and compliance. I would never want another person to go through that. I decided to acquire the remains of the recruitment agency at 21 and set about making processes on excel and paper to make sure that all drivers were legal. I joined all relevant groups and took my Transport Managers CPC; I invited every governing body into my business to check my processes and once I was confident, I started to grow my business to become the Employ Recruitment it is today and now I am the proud owner of the most compliant software that has algorithms in places to fully manage Working Time Directive, EU Drivers’ Hours, Agency Workers Regulations to name just a few. With DRS in place, agencies will never breach compliance again. I know, because I’ve tested all scenarios.”

So, what’s next for DRS? “I am excited to see how the software can develop. We have a full-time developer, a business development team and have just made DRS compliant to the new IR35 regulation and the Good Work Plan which takes another weight off the recruitment agencies. I am all about continuous improvement and agencies who implement DRS can also have bespoke development to ensure it is 100% right for their business. I believe software automation will transform the recruitment industry allowing recruiters to focus time and attention on more fulfilling responsibilities to provide a streamlined, compliant and efficient service to their clients and candidates that is always, above anything, 100% compliant.” Says Sadie.

The system is already unique for its compliance, but in addition, the system automates the front and back-office requirements, from registration to payroll and reporting. If you’d like to know more about DRS, we’d love to show you around – book a demo today.