About us

Transforming a vision into reality

The ever changing landscape of a temporary workforce presents a multitude of complex processes. DRS was developed to resolve our clients’ biggest headaches – to deliver an all-in-one solution that manages the fast pace of temporary recruitment, in the safest, most efficient way possible.

The software was originally developed by a company for over 16 years until it was taken over by recruitment industry leader, Sadie Weston, in 2016. Sadie led a team of software developers to create the most advanced all-in-one recruitment software in the UK; her vision to operate with ultra compliance, tells a unique story of  sheer determination to help others.

Sadie’s dedication is infectious, every member of the team is committed to doing the right thing in the best way possible, in everything that they do. The team never stop exploring, in order to push the boundaries of technical capability. Technical innovation doesn’t stop, so neither do they.  Read Sadie’s story here.

Everyday we work towards our purpose…


DRS is a versatile software suite that transforms the productivity, capability, and profitability of businesses, through automated workforce recruitment and management.


To share DRS worldwide, accelerating cost-savings, connectivity, compliance, and control.


INNOVATIVE: As industry leaders, our continual innovative approach, is not only visible through our advanced software but in how we approach challenges, how we do business and how we develop our organisation.

VERSATILE: We listen to our clients and tailor digital solutions to their needs, evolving alongside business and industry developments.

EFFICIENCY: We believe that simplifying processes through automation whilst maintaining accuracy, propels business development and profit; this is what our DRS team are continually working to advance.

Our key influencers

Across the company, one thing is universally true of the people at DRS, they care deeply about what they do and the impact it has for their clients. It is personal to all of them. The key influencers within the business, have fostered a culture of self-belief with bundles of energy fuelling their focus every day.

There are many exceptional individuals throughout the business world, but there are fewer successful leaders who remain grounded, hands-on and simply ‘nice’ to work with.  At DRS we are fortunate to have both the above and are proud to introduce our key influencers within the business.

Sadie Weston

Sadie is an industry leader within the recruitment sector and sits on the DAE Governance Group, is a Divisional Director at TEAMS, as well as being an active contributor within the national industry press.

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Paul Richardson

Paul’s experience spans decades with a diverse background in the industry, operating at board level. Paul spent 24 years at DHL with roles including Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Customer Officer.

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Paul Brooks

Paul is a sales leader with over 25 years board level experience. His career has spanned over 35 years in retail, automotive, technology and logistics sectors. Paul now supports the development of leading software and services businesses in the UK market.

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We’re hard working, we’re doers, we’re developers, we’re thinkers, we’re strategists, we’re creative, we’re proud, we’re honest, we’re fun, we’re trend setters, we’re professional, we’re accountable, we’re dedicated, we’re progressive, and we’re here to help you work better.

Support Services Team

How we operate for our clients

We listen to understand, we act to resolve, we respond rapidly, we deliver when we say we will, we finish every day knowing our clients are satisfied, and we seek to exceed expectations.

Shesha Shah leads our Support Services team, with 20+  years of  technical industry experience her knowledge spans across a multitude of disciplines.  Shesha brings perspective and analytical approach which further supports our customer centric culture.

Our client support team, manage training and implementation as well as provide ongoing support. All our team members have two things in common, they’re ex-recruiters and logisticians , who are obsessed with offering the highest possible level of service. The team’s first-class training combined with a pragmatic approach to the implementation process ensures a seamless transition, with little operational disruption. They co-ordinate system configuration, data migration, as well as end-to-end support.

The team have developed an implementation pathway that combines face to face training, video guides, supported live working streams and ongoing access for development, via our customer service department.

Technical Software Team

How we develop ideas

We visualise the impossible, we rationalise decision making, we interpret data, we continually seek ways to save time through automation, we never stand still, and we will be the best we can be.

Daniel Hobbs leads our UK technical team with over 20 years’ experience, he’s been an early pioneer of software automation specifically for the logistics industry; his combined strategist skills and practical C# developer experience support our continual progress.

Our technical team are experts within their field; they love to solve problems, turning complex processes into simple one-click solutions. They are a group of logical thinkers who develop easy-to-use software that recruiters find incredibly useful. The team conduct periodic operational workshops, reviewing functionality, user experience and fleshing out new recruitment challenges to identify problems and solutions for future development: technical innovation doesn’t stop, neither do our team.

It’s now an international team including technical leads, software engineers as well as specialists in dashboard and app development. The team listen to our clients and tailor digital solutions to their needs, evolving alongside business and industry developments.

Sales & Marketing Team

Connections that last

We build relationships, we help our clients to strengthen their business relationships, we encourage new ways of communication, we search for new ideas, and we love supporting our clients,

Claire Doherty heads up our sales and marketing team, a thought leader within the recruitment and marketing sectors for several decades, her insight and constant quest to maximise new digital opportunities continue add extra value for our clients.

Our sales team have all been recruiters, they understand client relationships and the challenges of the transient workforce. They ditch the typical sales pitch and say it how it is, appreciating time is always of the essence; they build relationships on a strong foundation of knowledge, trust and transparency. The functionality of DRS sells itself, as the UK’s leading all-in-one solution, but the benefits of DRS go beyond what you would expect from installing a piece of software.

Our sales and marketing team are relentless in keeping up to date with the latest recruitment, workforce and communication trends; sharing their knowledge helps our clients communicate effectively and strengthens their own brands.


Our specialist software developers and technical team are experts in their field. The team never stop exploring, pushing technical boundaries to further improve our system. We’re thinkers, we’re developers, we’re strategists, we’re researchers, we’re hard workers, and we’re people enjoying what we do for our clients.

The impact of DRS for our clients goes beyond installing new software; every team benefits. Here’s a snapshot of comments from our clients to demonstrate the positive impact of DRS, you can view more here.


Amazing Time Saver

Beyond expectations

The system controlling the day-to-day activity to such a degree, allows me to focus on strategy and sales, which provides the best possible service to our clients and candidates. It means we have time to plan and focus on the important things.

Employ Recruitment

Finance Transformed

Enormous amount of time saved

The biggest benefit for the finance team is the integration between the drivers’ hours and conversion into reports for invoicing the clients and paying both PSC’s and PAYE drivers; saving a considerable amount of time that we never expected.

Employ Recruitment

Consultants in Control

Effective, auto communication

The portal means our clients can see us filling their bookings in real-time, they can edit run details and change shift times, and DRS will notify our consultants, ensuring communication is always transparent. It feels amazing to be completely in control.

Employ Recruitment

Excellent System & Training

Beyond expectations

We are really happy that we made the transition to automated processes through DRS, it saves us so much time and reduces errors. It’s straight forward enough to use, so everyone in the team is trained to use it, highly recommended system.

Drivers Relief

Operational Efficiency

Complete support package

The support we received was extraordinary, we felt you became part of our own team, and that was incredibly important. No problem was ever too small, and therefore felt no inabilities to cope with new procedures and technology.

Drivers Relief

Instant Accurate Invoicing

It's feels like magic

We spent years researching the right software which could automate our pay structures, and DRS is the only system which can easily handle complex pay and rate matrixes for different clients, it feels like magic, it’s simply perfect.

Drivers Relief

Outstanding Support

DRS - Expert Team

DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who want to safely stay within legal requirements. The expertise from the DRS team meant that the transition was smooth; we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Phoenix Personnel

Candidate Connectivity

Improved Engagement

Regular job alerts for candidates maintains engagement, without having to spend hours on the phone.  Retention has improved as the shifts options match their preference. Our candidate conversations are now more meaningful.

Phoenix Personnel

Eliminated Legal Exposure

Complete Assurance

This software manages all our needs so that we can tailor it to want we need it to do. This means we stay within legal limits for everything without the hassle of manual checks, reducing our infringement rates and have a live log to monitor incidents.

Phoenix Personnel