Candidate Management

Simplifies contact,
accelerates connectivity,
transforms recruitment processes.

Put an end to manual recruitment data and harness the power of technology to offer automated candidate registration.

Candidates complete an online registration form and upload their documents, automatically generating their profile, including geographical areas, days, and time of work they would prefer to work, as well as HR and compliance information; no data entry by you needed.

Effortless, efficient communication, accelerates your connectivity with your candidates.

Communicate across a range of platforms: SMS, email, or app, for shift notifications, licence renewals, mass requests or even bespoke messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ for a personalised service.  Automatic yet personalised communication cultivates both efficiency and engagement to improve candidate connectivity.

Leverage the power of automation with streamlined communication for efficient candidate management.

DRS automatically offers the most suitable candidates available shifts according to their profile preferences via the app or SMS; booking confirmations are configured into the booking schedule. Candidates clock in and out on-site, or upload their hours via the app to remove the need for timesheet administration, supported by automated self-bill invoices and payslips.

Liam O’Neil, Express Logistics

“The DRS client portal is used for us to add our agency shifts, so we have visibility in real time as the agency assign a candidate. Once shifts are complete, we can confirm hours worked and can then view our invoices. Being able to see a live log of incidents and infringements as well as basic KPI information, makes for a transparent relationship with the agency.

Because the drivers use the app to clock-in/out and record shift breakdown, we can rest knowing that all parties are looking at the same information, which eliminates the risk of communication errors. The system also provides peace of mind that the agency are running the drivers legally.”

Feature summary

  • Online registration form, no agency data entry
  • Cloud document storage for contracts and performance reviews
  • Candidates profile with work preference options
  • Real-time visibility of candidate availability
  • Mass automatic shift notifications
  • Hours upload function
  • Expense upload function
  • Mass communication options include SMS, email, or app
  • Automated personal message options such as ‘Happy Birthday’
  • Accident and incident management
  • Automatic licence renewal prompts
  • Compliance management with licence renew alerts
  • Automated self-bill invoices and payslips, so no timesheets
  • Ability to send SOPs for e-signature

Key benefits

  • Reduces administration burden by 80%
  • Streamlines process 100%
  • Reduces cost per hire by 5 times
  • Improves candidate journey
  • Optimises applied to start rate by 3 times
  • Reduce time spent confirming shifts by 90%
  • Reduce admin by 80%
  • 100% planning accuracy

Powering Candidate Connectivity


Text messages sent every day!


Get connected, stay connected! Find out more here

Anywhere, anytime, candidate connection.


On the move communication is essential, as everyone communicates via their mobile phone. Candidates complete their registration via the app and DRS automatically checks their details and creates a profile.


The candidate app will streamline communication with candidates and reduce admin tasks. The systems sends shift details via push notification and receive acceptance or rejection to DRS.


The App can be integrated with your own branding, providing increased brand awareness and an effective communication tool. Easy download is available from both the Apple and Google Store.

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