Invoice & Payroll

Simplifies complex rate structures,
accelerates financial accuracy,
transforms finance departments


Save time with our integrated system which automatically converts drivers’ hours into reports for client invoicing for both PSC’s and PAYE drivers.

Simplified verification process and seamless integration with automatic exports to Sage and Xero.

No more data entries needed as clients verify their own shifts, so payroll and invoicing are generated with the click of a button, automatically exporting payroll and invoicing information to Sage and Xero, saving time, and improving accuracy.

Complex rate structures are simplified; DRS is built to manage intricate pay and charge structures.

DRS’s finance capability and versatility is a powerful feature which crunches complex pay rate algorithms effortlessly, including sector-tier integration and varying pay rules, whilst incorporating expenses and holiday pay. Manage invoices and payments with accuracy and assurance, without manual adjustments.

Save time with automated payslips, offering real time access for workers to check payment and reduce queries.

Our automated payroll reaches out to your ERP, HR or Time & Attendance system, to load daily data for new, changed or departing workers and their pay; automated submission to HMRC means zero compliance risk. Continuous calculation (live pay) means that payroll is automatically ready, the moment your data is uploaded. Since IR35 candidates are able to have two linked profiles, they can be paid both PSC and PAYE, to meet multiple client status determination .

At a glance real-time reports with the insight to make informed data decision with confidence.

Interactive finance dashboard means you can view data on costs, revenue, direct costs, margins and gross profit  in seconds with a filter ability for date, client, candidate, or your own bespoke settings. Real time finance reports enable you to manage profitability effectively.

Finance Director, Employ

The biggest benefit for the finance department is the integration between the drivers’ hours and conversion into reports for invoicing the clients and paying both PSC’s and PAYE drivers. This has saved a considerable amount of time.

Feature summary

  • Payroll and invoicing are generated with the click of a button
  • Automatically exports payroll and invoicing information to Sage and Xero
  • Expenses and holiday pay integration
  • Complex and client bespoke pay matrix options
  • Second-tier integration
  • Live payslip
  • ERP, HR, Time & Attendance integration
  • STS payments
  • Real-time interactive finance dashboard
  • Real time finance reports to manage profitability

Key benefits

  • Reduces time spent on hours collection, invoice and payroll by 80%
  • Eliminates invoice and payroll errors
  • Manages holiday pay over 52 week average
  • No data entry to accounts / payroll software


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Anywhere, anytime, candidate connection.


On the move communication is essential, as everyone communicates via their mobile phone. Candidates complete their registration via the app and DRS automatically checks their details and creates a profile.


The candidate app will streamline communication with candidates and reduce admin tasks. The systems sends shift details via push notification and receive acceptance or rejection to DRS.


The app can be integrated with your own branding, providing increased brand awareness and an effective communication tool. Easy download is available from both the Apple and Google Store.

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