Specialised Compliance Training

Our collaborative partnership with Pip Bains Consulting brings together two leading industry experts within their chosen field to offer specialist training, designed to support Driving Agencies across the UK.

Pip Bains
Company Director

Pip Bains is an established and well respected transport compliance expert within the logistics sector. His knowledge gained over decades, holding leadership roles within the UK Logistics sector has earned him an outstanding reputation across major UK logistic operators.  Pip’s commitment to road and transport safety, has geared him towards many road safety initiatives which are supporting companies in their pursuit of improving safety measures for their drivers.

Pip keeps appraised of developments in transport compliance to identify further guidance and training methods. He is a regular attendee of the Logistics UK Regional Freight and National Road Council Meetings (and has been for over 10 years). These meetings are held by Logistics UK and attended by senior transport leaders representing their businesses. The meetings also allow sharing of best practice to encourage and guide operators to operate safely and compliantly.

Our comprehensive suite of courses, specifically designed for driver recruitment agencies, provides guidance and training for key aspects of your legal duties and best practice. Delivered on site at your premises, this range of specialist training, supports high standard recruitment practice as well as evidencing your responsibility as an agency, for staff training provision.  For further information of available dates and booking email contact@pipbainsconsulting.co.uk

Accident/Incident Investigation
Operate with accountability, by improving staff insight

This course is suitable for anyone who is responsible for dealing with and investigating accidents should they occur, and includes key areas:

  • What details of the accident/incident need to be recorded
  • How to analyse the information collated
  • How to identify suitable risk measures
  • How to implement risk prevention measures.

Duration: Half Day
Cost: £650

The Accident/Incident Investigation course for agencies is to ensure an effective investigation to support the transport operator with their requirements.

Highlighting the importance of accident/incident investigation, it looks at the areas to be investigated, what immediate measures may need to be following a serious event, as well as the process to follow during the investigation. This course also provides a detailed look at the type of information to be collated, and its analysis, taking into consideration root causes. In addition, it explores how to effectively use the analysis to identify the risk and implement pro-active measures to try and minimise further occurrences.

Driver Licence Check
Operate with assurance, by increasing staff knowledge

This half day course focuses on how to fully understand a driver’s licence to enable a thorough check including:

  • Understanding the legal requirement to check a licence
  • Details included on a licence
  • What to look for when checking a licence
  • Where to look for key information on a licence
  • How to implement control measures.

Duration: Half Day
Cost: £650

This course looks at all the information on the licence and in particular the different codes, penalty points and meanings. The course will help you ensure your systems are robust and fail safe, protecting your business and providing operational assurance to your clients.

The course also highlights what procedures you should  implement, so as an agency, your drivers and you, are fully versed on what is required, regarding any changes to their entitlement or medical condition.

EU Drivers Hours and Working Time Regulations
Operate with clarity, by training your staff effectively

This course provides a full and comprehensive look at the EU Drivers Hours and Working Time Regulations and includes:

  • Why we take compliance seriously
  • How to understand drivers’ hours and regulations
  • How to understand RTWTD rules

Refresh your knowledge

Duration: Full Day
Cost: £1,000

This course is designed for driver recruitment agencies to gain a full understanding of the relevant regulations as well as the expected responsibilities that ensure adherence to the requirements.

The course allows the agency to fully navigate the complex regulations to ensure internal processes and procedures are satisfactory. Once completed you will be able to confidently speak to drivers to ensure their compliance to the regulations.

The course includes a range of templates to be incorporated within the business, to support legislative compliance.

Fitness to Drive
Operate with due diligence, by improving staff awareness

This course looks at the driver and their fitness to drive heavy goods vehicles. The course covers:

  • What areas of fitness and wellbeing to explore
  • How to obtain fact-based answers
  • How to confidently assess a driver’s fitness to drive.

Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £200

The course explores areas such as fatigue, wellbeing, diet, drugs as well as alcohol, and the effects these can have on a driver’s daily work routine.

The course will help you format your questions to a driver to receive fact-based answers, which supports a more accurate assessment of a driver’s fitness for work. Unsure if this course is relevant for your business? How do you currently approve a driver’s fitness level for driving?

Operator Licence Undertakings
Operate with highest standards, by ensuring staff understand complex regulations

This course provides an overview and insight into the different pieces of legislation that transport operators must adhere to and includes:

  • What is an Operator Licence
  • Legal requirements
  • Operator Undertakings.

Duration: Half Day
Cost: £650

As a driver recruitment agency, you will need to understand the complex regulations that sit under the operator licence system.  There are various regulations depending on your application, including tracking driver hours, safety records etc. it’s imperative to know and understand each undertaking, to comply with the strict regulations.

This course will help you understand and support the operator so you can assist with their requirements whilst not falling foul of the regulations.

Operator Licencing
Operate with confidence, by providing expert guidance

Our full day course covers all the necessary elements of an operating licence, and includes:

  • Overview of Operator Licensing
  • Enforcement – DVSA/Traffic Commissioners
  • OCRS/Earned Recognition
  • Construction & Use
  • Drivers Hours & Working Time
  • Driver Licence
  • Driver De-Brief

Duration: Full Day
Cost: £1,000

Operating within recruitment logistics is one of the most complex sectors within the UK, and one which is closely regulated by the Government.

This course provides an in-depth look at the licensing rules that govern transport operators, as well as providing templates to support the adherence to legal obligations. The course will provide clear and concise understanding to the agency of the legal obligations that operators must adhere to, including the fundamental undertakings that they have signed off on.

Bridge Strikes
Operate with responsibility, by adopting prevention measures

The concise course covers key areas including:

  • What the causes of Bridge Strikes are
  • What the outcome of a Bridge strike could be
  • How Bridge Strikes can be prevented
  • What the consequences of a Bridge Strike could be
  • How we can become even better at preventing Bridge Strikes.

Duration: Half Day
Cost: £650

With the heavy demand on transport operators to ensure their systems and processes are fully versed with the prevention of bridge strikes, this course allows the agency to support the operator by ensuring their staff are fully versed on the topic too.

The course will also look at regulatory action against the operator including what to do should a bridge strike incident occur.

Read what our clients think...

Managing Director, Grafters

One of DRS’s best features is the compliance functionality; DRS manages in real-time, EU Drivers Hours and WTD which provides peace of mind that everyone placed is legal.

Managing Director, ERUK

The system controlling the day-to-day activity to such a degree allows me to focus on strategy and sales, which provides the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

UK Logistics

I would rate the system as excellent and give it 10 out of 10. None of the systems I’ve come across at other agencies has its own analysis engine for EU Driver Hours, WTD/AWR.

Managing Director, Phoenix Personnel

DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who wants to safely stay within legal requirement. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Express Logistics

Being able to see a live log of incidents and infringements as well as basic KPI information makes for a transparent relationship with the agency.

Managing Director, Phoenix Personnel:

The expertise and knowledge of the industry within the DRS team was evident from the offset. I would highly recommend DRS, thank you again for the fantastic service.

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The competition for drivers and other logistic temporary labour is greater than ever, catapulting recruitment strategies into the forefront of business success and survival.


The challenges of an increase in market demand and a talent shortage, means that the industrial sector has had to make changes very quickly, in turn recruiters have had to adapt quickly.


The competition for labour in the commercial sector has never been greater, forcing recruitment strategies to be the forefront of business planning.