Client Management

Simplifies communication,
accelerates visibility,
transforms business relationships.

Built for complex processes, simply presented for effective client management.

Set predefined client criteria and set up site rules to facilitate accurate candidate matching, including qualifications, experience, and shift preferences. Candidate records and assessment are stored securely, ensuring banned candidates are automatically blocked. Instant access to performance data providing your clients with meaningful insights.

Operate with confidence, giving you the assurance pay and charge rates are always accurate.

Rate management can absorb simple or complex pay structures across multiple client sites, assign pay and charge rates by location, day, candidate level or any working scenario. Pay rates are integrated seamlessly into our finance system providing accurate invoices, and live payslip access for candidates.

Communicate with confidence and become more efficient, by informing clients of meaningful data.

The client management tools will improve the way you communicate with your clients, a click of a button will produce compliance and KPI reports, allowing you to spend more time building relationships with current clients and impressing new clients. Store critical information such as terms of business, with easy document uploads, and have the option to record client meetings keeping all up to date.


Managing Director, ERUK.

Having used the platform for four years to improve our booking processes, compliance, and client management, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The expertise and knowledge of the industry within the DRS team was evident from the offset. 

Feature summary

  • Set site rules for instant candidate matching
  • Set client specific licencing and insurance criteria
  • Rate management for simple or complex rate structures
  • Automatic candidate and vacancy matching
  • Maintain assessment and performance records
  • Real-time dashboard to view fulfilment rates
  • Instant view to accidents and infringement rates
  • KPI reports at the click of a button
  • Cloud document storage
  • Facility to record meetings and call notes

Key benefits

  • Improved customer service by removing human error
  • Visibility and control through instant reporting

Powering Candidate Connectivity


Approximate text messages sent every day!


Get connected, stay connected! Find out more here

Anywhere, anytime candidate connection


On the move communication is essential, as everyone communicates via their mobile phone. Candidates complete their registration via the app and DRS automatically checks their details and creates a profile.


The candidate app will streamline communication with candidates and reduce admin tasks. The systems sends shift details via push notification and receive acceptance or rejection to DRS.


The app can be integrated with your own branding, providing increased brand awareness and an effective communication tool.  Easy download is available from both the Apple and Google Store.

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