A better client and candidate experience

A real-time auditable booking system for clients and candidates.

Manage infringements and accidents easily with electronic document signing and online HR profiles.

Payroll made easy

Quickly process weekly invoices and payroll with the click of a button.

Perfect for 360 recruitment roles.

100% compliant

Compliance is our core value and we've developed our software to reflect this.

DRS fully manages WTD, EU drivers' hours, AWR and is now fully compliant to IR35.

Remote working

Is your CRM set up for remote working?

Be ready to work anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based software. We can get your consultants working efficiently from home within just 7 days.

Faster candidate placement

Fill multiple bookings in minutes.

DRS lists the most suitable candidates using algorithms that take into consideration the EU drivers' hours, working time directive, insurance criteria, driver licencing, inductions, preferences and bespoke considerations.





DRS ensures our drivers are always legal for the shifts they are booked for and notifies us if anything changes.


Free trial until the end of the year

Confirm the time and cost benefits before any investment

We understand the impact this year has had on the recruitment industry, and because of the uncertain times, you might not think this is the right time to be investing in software and automation.

As we adapt to new working environments including working from home and potential staff reduction, DRS will be more useful than ever to recruiters in automating day-to-day tasks, streamlining your service to clients and candidates, and enabling working from home with ease. By the time the trial ends, you can be 100% confident that DRS benefits your company with reduced costs and improved efficiency. 

What have you got to lose?

Find out what our software can do for you

  • Compliance Management

  • Client Management

  • Booking Management

  • Candidate Management

  • Finance Management

  • Time and Attendance Tracking

DRS software on Dell desktop

Explore full features

Why choose DRS

DRS has been developed as an all-in-one solution that manages the fast pace of temporary recruitment, with key features for driver recruitment.

Compliance is key within DRS, which is why it fully manages Working Time Directive and EU Drivers' Hours.

All legislation is built in, meaning you never have to rely on manual checks for driver compliance.

DRS manages the whole process

A connected way of working. DRS streamlines the whole recruitment process.

Clients add bookings to the client portal, DRS suggests the candidate, the booking is sent to the candidate's app for acceptance. Once confirmed by the candidate, this is shown in real-time on the software.

On shift, the candidate can either clock in and out on-site, or upload their hours to the app. The hours are verified by the client - invoicing and payroll is produced at the click of a button.

Use in ANY industry

DRS can be used for recruitment in multiple industries, including transport, commercial and industrial.

The software streamlines and automates compliance, client and candidate management, shift bookings, and finance, to name just a few.

Save time and improve efficiency with the right software for your recruitment business.

Interactive Dashboards

Gain visibility in seconds on the metrics and KPI's that really matter to you and your clients, with our interactive dashboards.

Provide data to clients in minutes, such as registered applicants, filled shifts and infringement.

Know your numbers. Our interactive finance dashboard allows you to see in real-time: costs, profits, turnover and more, filtered by client, date or candidate.