Driver Recruitment Software

Simplifies manual processes through automation
Accelerates growth and profitability
Transforms your business world

The ever changing fast paced landscape of a temporary workforce presents a multitude of complex processes. DRS was developed to resolve our clients’ biggest headaches – to deliver an all-in-one solution that manages the recruitment and management of temporary workers, in the safest, most efficient way possible.


Established for over 20 years with expert software specialists, DRS pioneered temporary workforce automation. Trusted by FTSE companies to manage their workforce and compliance, its managed over a billion hiring hours. The 4th generation version now accommodates IR35 compliance.

The power to simplify processes, accelerate efficiency and transform profitability.


Candidate Management

Simplifies contact,
accelerates connectivity,
transforms recruitment processes.

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Live Planning

Simplifies communication,
accelerates control,
transforms business continuity.

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Client Management

Simplifies communication,
accelerates visibility,
transforms business relationships.

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Compliance Management

Simplifies adherence,
accelerates accuracy,
transforms meeting due diligence.

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Invoice & Payroll

Simplifies account management, accelerates financial accuracy, transforms finance departments.

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Management Information

Simplifies visibility,
accelerates data analysis,
transforms business planning.

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Attendance Tracking

Simplifies the clocking-on process,
accelerates accuracy,
transforms attendance tracking.

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Candidate App

Simplifies contact,
accelerates connectivity,
transforms your reach

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Right to Work Checks

Simplifies Right to Work
accelerates driver registration
transforms processes.

Right to Work

Our collaborative partnership with Pip Bains Consulting brings together two leading industry experts within their chosen field to offer specialist training, designed to support Driving Agencies across the UK.


Our comprehensive suite of courses, specifically designed for driver recruitment agencies, provides guidance and training for key aspects of your legal duties and best practice. Delivered on site at your premises, this range of specialist training, supports high standard recruitment practice as well as evidencing your responsibility as an agency, for staff training provision.

Making a difference for our clients…

“Since using DRS, costs have decreased significantly; our compliance is automated and restrictions are in place to prevent human error. The system controls the day-to-day activity to such a degree, that its free up my time, allowing me to focus on strategy and sales whilst providing the best possible service to our clients and candidates.”
Managing Director, ERUK.

“The DRS client portal is used to add our agency shifts; we have visibility in real time as the agency assign a candidate. Because the drivers use the app to clock in/out &amp record shift breakdown, we can rest knowing that all parties are looking at the same information, which eliminates the risk of communication errors.” 
Managing Director,  Express Logistics

“Having used the platform for four years to improve our booking processes, compliance, and client management, we couldn’t be happier with the results. DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who wants to safely stay within legal requirement. The expertise and knowledge within the DRS team was evident from the offset.”  Managing Director, Phoenix Personnel


Anywhere, anytime, candidate connection.


On the move communication is essential, as everyone communicates via their mobile phone. Candidates complete their registration via the app and DRS automatically checks their details and creates a profile.


The candidate app will streamline communication with candidates and reduce admin tasks. The systems sends shift details via push notification and receive acceptance or rejection to DRS.


The App can be integrated with your own branding, providing increased brand awareness and an effective communication tool.  Easy download is available from both the Apple and Google Store.


Access instant visibility on the metrics and KPI’s that really matter to you and your clients, with our interactive dashboards. Provide data such as registered applicant and filled shifts to clients in minutes as well as costs, profits, turnover etc. filtered by client, date, or candidate.


Our compliance management system makes it impossible for a candidate to be placed on a shift illegally. Built in legislation rules and checks, remove the chance of human error, together with pres-set algorithms. Bespoke compliance rules can be set per client such as licence, qualifications and infringements.

Everyday we work towards our purpose…


DRS is a versatile software suite that transforms the productivity, capability, and profitability of businesses, through automated workforce recruitment and management.


To share DRS worldwide, accelerating cost-savings, connectivity, compliance, and control.


INNOVATIVE: As industry leaders, our continual innovative approach, is not only visible through our advanced software but in how we approach challenges, how we do business and how develop our organisation.

VERSATILE: We listen to our clients and tailor digital solutions to their needs, evolving alongside business and industry developments.

EFFICIENCY: We believe that simplifying processes through automation whilst maintaining accuracy, propels business development and profit; this is what our DRS team are continually working to advance.

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