Simplifies processes,
accelerates efficiency,
transforms profitability.

Why should recruitment use DRS?
DRS has been developed to manage the fast pace of temporary recruitment, offering an all-in-one solution that has all legislation built in, ensuring 100% compliance to manage such things as Working Time Directive and EU Drivers’ Hours. Developed over decades its a time saving software suite that reduces the manual need to input data for work management processes such as shift arrangement, payroll, complex rate structures and compliance.

All-in-one temporary workforce management software


Candidate Management

Simplifies contact,
accelerates connectivity,
transforms recruitment processes.

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Live Planning

Simplifies communication,
accelerates control,
transforms business continuity.

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Client Management

Simplifies communication,
accelerates visibility,
transforms business relationships.

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Compliance Management

Simplifies adherence,
accelerates accuracy,
transforms meeting due diligence.

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Invoice & Payroll

Simplifies account management, accelerates financial accuracy, transforms finance departments.

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Management Information

Simplifies visibility,
accelerates data analysis,
transforms business planning.

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Attendance Tracking

Simplifies the clocking-on process,
accelerates accuracy,
transforms attendance tracking.

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Candidate App

Simplifies contact,
accelerates connectivity,
transforms your reach

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Automated Payroll

Simplifies calculations,
accelerates pay,
transforms finance departments.

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Our collaborative partnership with Pip Bains Consulting brings together two leading industry experts within their chosen field to offer specialist training, designed to support Driving Agencies across the UK.


Our comprehensive suite of courses, specifically designed for driver recruitment agencies, provides guidance and training for key aspects of your legal duties and best practice. Delivered on site at your premises, this range of specialist training, supports high standard recruitment practice as well as evidencing your responsibility as an agency, for staff training provision.

Read what our clients think...

Managing Director, Grafters

One of DRS’s best features is the compliance functionality; DRS manages in real-time, EU Drivers Hours and WTD which provides peace of mind that everyone placed is legal.

Managing Director, ERUK

The system controlling the day-to-day activity to such a degree allows me to focus on strategy and sales, which provides the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

UK Logistics

I would rate the system as excellent and give it 10 out of 10. None of the systems I’ve come across at other agencies has its own analysis engine for EU Driver Hours, WTD/AWR.

Managing Director, Phoenix Personnel

DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who wants to safely stay within legal requirement. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Express Logistics

Being able to see a live log of incidents and infringements as well as basic KPI information makes for a transparent relationship with the agency.

Managing Director, Phoenix Personnel:

The expertise and knowledge of the industry within the DRS team was evident from the offset. I would highly recommend DRS, thank you again for the fantastic service.

Specialised for recruiters within sectors...


The competition for drivers and other logistic temporary labour is greater than ever, catapulting recruitment strategies into the forefront of business success and survival.


The challenges of an increase in market demand and a talent shortage, means that the industrial sector has had to make changes very quickly, in turn recruiters have had to adapt quickly.


The competition for labour in the commercial sector has never been greater, forcing recruitment strategies to be the forefront of business planning.

Cloud Based – Assured Security

DRS is hosted on Microsoft Azure App Services and Azure SQL Databases which provides a robust cloud-based security infrastructure, including SSL and data encryption, so you know your data is safe.

The on-line browser-based interface has excellent usability with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc on both MS and Apple desktops. Uptime is generally excellent for a high-speed application, and there are controls in place to minimise the risk of downtime. The cloud-based server means you can access DRS anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, so you can safely work from home, the office, or your clients’ premises.

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out to our technical team.