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Interactive Candidate Management

Candidate Interaction
  • No data entry for candidate registration
  • Swap scanning with document upload
  • Shift notifications instead of phone calls
  • Automate self-bill invoices & payslips
  • Mass requests for availability
  • Filtered mass comms
  • Send SOP's for e-signature
  • Geo-location enabled
  • Hours submission Start, Finish, Break, POA & Drive

Live Planning Tool

Live Planning Tool
  • Maximise fill rates with daily/weekly planning
  • DRS suggests the most suitable candidate
  • Record & automate availability, RDOs & weekly rests
  • The system considers candidate preferences
  • Set site requirements
  • Pre-set logic parameters
  • Single plan working - seen by your clients and you in real-time


  • Real-time compliance checks with 100% accuracy as you plan
  • EU Drivers' Hours
  • Working Time Directive
  • AWR pay parity, day 1 rights, assignment schedules
  • Driver licence checks
  • Conduct Regulations
  • IR35
  • Good work plan
  • Infringement & incident management
  • Fully auditable

Automated Invoicing & Payroll

Invoice & Payroll
  • Client or finance can verify hours
  • Add expenses
  • Automate invoices, payroll, and self-bill invoices
  • Holiday pay
  • No manual adjustments, DRS can handle complex pay and charge matrixes
  • Second-tier integration

Management Information

  • Operations, HR, Compliance, and Finance views
  • KPI's
  • Time-related data
  • Bespoke filters
  • Multi-site and branch views
  • Dynamic dashboards

Candidate App

  • DRS can be integrated with your own branded candidate app
  • Downloadable by candidates on Apple or Android
  • Candidates complete their registration via the app, and this generates a login
  • Save time with the app as candidates can submit availability, requests holidays,  receive mass and specific communications, shift details and assignments schedules
  • Candidates can confirm or decline shifts via their app
  • Candidates can see a replica of their calendar from the DRS software so there’s less room for inaccurate availabilities
  • No more chasing hours, candidates simply upload their shift breakdown which populates the system and confirm legality ready for the next shift as it also records POA, other work, driving hours and break

Secure network

  • DRS is hosted on Microsoft Azure App Services and Azure SQL Databases
  • This provides a robust security infrastructure, including SSL and data encryption, so you know your data is safe
  • Uptime is generally excellent for a high-speed application, and there are controls in place to minimise the risk of downtime
  • The cloud-based server means you can access DRS anywhere with a WIFI connection, so you can safely work from home, the office, or your clients' premises

Time and Attendance Software

  • Smartboxes can be installed at your clients' premises with an internet connection. Candidates will clock in and out of each shift using their tachograph card. This will send their start time, finish time, break, POA and drive time to the software for accurate compliance and payroll data.
  • Message candidates via the smartbox and they will be notified as they clock in or out of the shift.


  • The CRM features will help you manage your day, set and assign tasks and improve sales management
  • Search and filter user-relevant events including:
    • Task deadlines
    • Licence, qualification and ID expiry dates
    • Contact logs via call, email and SMS
    • Scheduled call and email contact
    • Candidate performance and infringement ratings
    • AWR/WTD management
    • Candidate birthdays 
  • Improve your sales process:
    • Tag sales status depending on the contact made 
    • Open lead management
    • Email templates for a unified message 

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