Management Information

Simplifies visibility,
accelerates data analysis,
transforms business planning.

Demonstrates management and control with real-time at glance workforce data, improving client confidence.

Improve and simplify client reporting with dynamic data dashboards, which can be viewed by client sites, consultants and candidates. Present a range of reports such as resourcing, planning, compliance, finance and HR to clients with easy filter options for all departments, e.g. Operations, Finance. Audits and reporting are visible in real time but can be historic as well.

At a glance KPI reports, quickly identify trends to accelerate decision making, improving your business agility.

Easy to understand KPI reporting allows you to measure performance and make data driven decisions that support your business goals. The KPI suite enables you to improve the way you communicate with your clients, allowing you to spend more time building relationships with current and new clients.

Forecast with confidence by harnessing the power of data and transforming the accuracy of your business planning.

Information is only powerful when you know how to utilise it, our suite of MI reports gives you the ability to accurately forecast future demands, by automatically analysing historic data. Proactive business planning with workforce projections will allow you to adapt candidate attraction according to seasonal demand.

Feature Summary

  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Multi-branch views
  • Multi-client views
  • Bespoke operational reports
  • Resourcing performance
  • Financial performance
  • Compliance performance
  • Set and review KPI’s
  • Time-related data for easy analysis
  • Bookings by date range
  • Fulfilment rates by client
  • Shift forecast trends
  • Real-time data audits
  • Historic data audits

Key benefits

  • Provides real-time management information for strategy planning
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for endless manual reporting
  • Ensures complete visibility and control

Finance Director, Employ

Not having to complete endless excel reports and produce pivot tables for data analysis saved me so much time. The data is exportable where required for further analysis. I can spot low margin business providing a steer to our business within minutes. 


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Anywhere, anytime, candidate connection.


On the move communication is essential, as everyone communicates via their mobile phone. Candidates complete their registration via the app and DRS automatically checks their details and creates a profile.


The candidate app will streamline communication with candidates and reduce admin tasks. The systems sends shift details via push notification and receive acceptance or rejection to DRS.


The app can be integrated with your own branding, providing increased brand awareness and is an effective communication tool. Easy download is available from both the Apple and Google Store.

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