Make software your business continuity plan

Business continuity is at the forefront of our plans given the past year we’ve all experienced, and we believe software is key to ensuring your operation continues without risk. We’ve put together a few scenarios to show you how DRS can limit the impact of unforeseen circumstances within a recruitment agency.

  • Phone lines are down: Clients can’t contact you to change a booking quickly? Using the client portal, clients will edit their shifts and this is updated in real-time on the software for fast plan changes.
  • All staff must work from home: Whether it’s due to a power cut or a pandemic, DRS can be used wherever there is an internet connection. So all your staff need are their laptops and mobiles to continue business as usual.
  • A staff member leaves unexpectedly: All information from bookings to HR to finance is kept on the software, and the automated processes mean that even a staff member who has never planned or done payroll before would be able to take on a new role at short notice with little training.

These are just a few of the situations that can arise in business, we’re sure you have more on your list. We’d be happy to go through your business continuity plan with you to see how DRS can resolve your concerns