New Appointment

I am delighted to have been appointed as Chair of Logistics UK Governance Group for the Driver Agency Excellence Scheme. A big part of my work will centre around active encouragement and engagement of driving agencies to sign up the Driver Agency Excellence Scheme so they can undertake an annual audit. The audit fits with my underlying values and long-standing ambition to raise the standards for driving agencies throughout the UK, by improving compliance and efficiency for better road safety, whilst also working to ensure agencies are paid fair margins. The participation of agencies signing up to the scheme as well as client endorsement that all driving agencies participate, means that everyone can contribute to affect change in a positive way to benefit all.

The Logistics UK Driver Agency Excellence scheme is an annual, voluntary audit for driving agencies. The audit covers several areas that should be routine practise if adhering to legislation and regulations associated with driver recruitment, driver management and core business processes. However, without vigorous accountability through an audit process, agencies can be unaware of areas they need to improve on, whilst clients have little means of assurance of agency standards when they engage them for driver resource. Clients will gain advantage by using driver agencies who sign up to the scheme by mitigating risks.

My aim as the new Chair is to drive change in 2 major ways: by increasing the numbers of driving agencies signing up by making the scheme more accessible; and to increase client support by their active endorsement of the scheme. This will be achieved through a tiered membership and by increasing awareness through increased visibility through use of logos, social media, e-shot campaigns, and presentations.

I feel ready for the challenge to making a difference through the Driver Agency Excellence Scheme and look forward to sharing results as we progress; watch this space!

Sadi Weston
Managing Director, Driver Recruitment Software