Here’s a brief overview of DRS.

The impact of DRS for our clients goes beyond installing new software; every team benefits. Here’s a snapshot of comments from our clients to demonstrate the positive impact of DRS, you can view more here.


Amazing Time Saver

Beyond expectations

The system controlling the day-to-day activity to such a degree, allows me to focus on strategy and sales, which provides the best possible service to our clients and candidates. It means we have time to plan and focus on the important things.

Employ Recruitment

Finance Transformed

Enormous amount of time saved

The biggest benefit for the finance team is the integration between the drivers’ hours and conversion into reports for invoicing the clients and paying both PSC’s and PAYE drivers; saving a considerable amount of time that we never expected.

Employ Recruitment

Consultants in Control

Effective, auto communication

The portal means our clients can see us filling their bookings in real-time, they can edit run details and change shift times, and DRS will notify our consultants, ensuring communication is always transparent. It feels amazing to be completely in control.

Employ Recruitment

Excellent System & Training

Beyond expectations

We are really happy that we made the transition to automated processes through DRS, it saves us so much time and reduces errors. It’s straight forward enough to use, so everyone in the team is trained to use it, highly recommended system.

Drivers Relief

Operational Efficiency

Complete support package

The support we received was extraordinary, we felt you became part of our own team, and that was incredibly important. No problem was ever too small, and therefore felt no inabilities to cope with new procedures and technology.

Drivers Relief

Instant Accurate Invoicing

It's feels like magic

We spent years researching the right software which could automate our pay structures, and DRS is the only system which can easily handle complex pay and rate matrixes for different clients, it feels like magic, it’s simply perfect.

Drivers Relief

Outstanding Support

DRS - Expert Team

DRS is a very effective system for any recruitment agency who want to safely stay within legal requirements. The expertise from the DRS team meant that the transition was smooth; we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Phoenix Personnel

Candidate Connectivity

Improved Engagement

Regular job alerts for candidates maintains engagement, without having to spend hours on the phone.  Retention has improved as the shifts options match their preference. Our candidate conversations are now more meaningful.

Phoenix Personnel

Eliminated Legal Exposure

Complete Assurance

This software manages all our needs so that we can tailor it to want we need it to do. This means we stay within legal limits for everything without the hassle of manual checks, reducing our infringement rates and have a live log to monitor incidents.

Phoenix Personnel