Right to Work Check

Simplifies right to work checks, accelerates registration, transforms your processes.

Right to Work Process Reversal

The reversal of the relaxed Right to Work processes, now that social distancing has been abolished, means that recruitment agencies will need to adapt again to more rigorous checks. However, if you do not want to lose time and efficiency whilst being able to register drivers/candidates remotely, we have a digital solution that is simple, cost effective and meets legalities.

We have adapted DRS to incorporate a Right to Work check using Yoti – a government approved IDSP. This addition means that a Right to Work check involves a click of a button instead of the alternatives which involves multiple manual processes.

Seamless Process

Don’t operate inefficiently, optimise the digital world! This seamless process removes the need to manually upload and process documents, it’s quick, efficient and 100% compliant.


Remote Registration

Don’t be restrained by location! Harness the power of technology, you can effortlessly register drivers/candidates remotely in a user-friendly way for £1.50 per check.

How it works

Once a driver or candidate is registered with you, they will be sent an email with a link that they will click on which allows them to follow instructions to submit their details. The driver/candidate ID details are then automatically received by Yoti, who carry out their approved ID checks for the necessary Right to Work documentation. Once approved, you will receive the necessary legal documentation via a pdf.


This simple process means your drivers/candidates, can register with you remotely, without sending their original documents like a valid passport through the post (off putting for lots of people) or coming to see you in person at a cost of time and money for them.

This seamless process for you means you meet legalities without:

– manual processes to upload documents

– relying on the post to send/receive original and valid passports

 – in person meetings with drivers/candidates if they bring in their valid passport

– postage cost to send and receive passports (which is increasingly expensive)

– staff time and cost to carry out and oversee process

The cost
You can effortlessly register drivers/candidates remotely in a user-friendly way for £1.50 per check.

A reminder of the rules

All UK and Irish drivers/ candidates need to have their ID checked via their original valid passport (not a photocopy) by a government approved IDSP. If the individual does not have a valid passport, then all checks must be carried out in person with original documents such as birth certificate and national insurance details. For all other nationals who have been granted the Right to Work by the Home Office, the checking process remains unchanged: they supply their share code which is then checked via the Home Office website.

N.B. In all cases, when registering candidates remotely using either a IDSP provider or Home Office share code to validate a candidate’s right to work, agencies are still required to complete a video call with the candidate in order to certify their photo ID and fulfil legal requirements.

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